Ardijah Appear on Anthems: New Zealand’s Iconic Hits

We had the pleasure of appearing on ‘Anthems: New Zealand’s Iconic Hits’ TV Series (Episode 6: The Art of Recording) where we talked about the recording process and our early days in the music business – from recording in our backyard to learning how to use a real studio and onwards…

From our early beginnings in 1978/1979, through to releasing our first singles and beyond; it was a belief in ourselves and what we could do that kept us going.

We are proud of being Polynesian from this part of the world. This is what gives ‘Polyfonk’ its unique flavour and groove. This is what makes Ardijah “the baddest sound you’ll ever hear!”

Check out Anthems, Episode 6 below or go to the Anthems series page by clicking the Anthems image.

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