Ardijah In Rarotonga November 2009

Ardijah will be in Rarotonga near the end of November 2009 to play the closing party at this years ‘Vaka Eiva’. When the paddling is done and dusted, all that tension of focusing on strategy needs to be released somehow. Well, that’s when the wild partying starts. What a way to let all those frustrations go. Whether the paddlers will be celebrating their wins or drowning their sorrows and just being happy with participating, the Ardijah players feat. the unique voice of the lovely Betty-Anne will be doing the PolyFonk thang, bringing it home for all involved. This will be one of those, ‘not to be missed’ rages where the atmosphere of the Island will do weird and wonderful things to your insides. So, to all those paddlers and spectators, “May Da Fonk Be wid U”.

Well, just as I thought, This gig went off!! Just as it was described above. What an awesome way to end the competition. People from Tahiti, Hawai’i, Aotearoa and everywhere else, celebrating the PolyFonk music styles with Ardijah.

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