New! The Best”PolyFonk” Album, Out Before Christmas 2010

Ardijah have completed a ‘Best of the PolyFonk’ album which will be out before Christmas 2010 but will be first released in Tahiti 14th Aug at the ‘Super¬†Aito’ Oe Va’a (Waka ama) competition.¬†Ardijah will also be playing at the races to introduce the band to our Tahitian brothers and sisters. The Album will also be released in Aotearoa (N.Z.) later on in the year. Lately Ardijah have been doing more Private gigs than public ones so when the album is done, we will endeavour to tour Aotearoa and where ever else our music takes us.

1 thought on “New! The Best”PolyFonk” Album, Out Before Christmas 2010

  1. Angela Honey says:

    Hi Guys,

    Wowo have I misse your wonderful sounds!! i have been travelling around the world for the past 10 years and finally back home in NZ and was wondering how one can contact you to hire for a gig?? or even to go to one.
    Good luck with the new album I look forward to getting one when released.

    Cheers Angie

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