Paddling Vaka (canoes) in beautiful Tahiti.

tahiti-copyWe’ve been flat out again but this time, on the beach in Tahiti. Betty-Anne is full on into ‘oe vaka’ (waka ama, va’a, Vaka etc) and we spent a week in Tahiti hooking up with our Maohi (Maori) whanau visiting and paddling. It’s their winter there now which is close to our Aotearoa summer. Man it was awesome dodging the deep freeze for 7 days. We even got abit of surfing in as well. We got a bit of a browning too from the nice hot sun. But of course, back to our reality, which is┬áthe Aotearoa winter. It was nice while it lasted. The good thing about being back home is, the music. We’ll be working on some new sounds for our 5th album so, looking forward to that. Time frame? maybe the end of 2009 or early 2010 depending on how freely the inspiration flows so, we will keep you posted. Kia Manuia.

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