Sullivan Antonia Brell

Kia Orana,

What has influenced me about ARDIJAH, well, in the early mid 80s, was when, my wife & I first saw RYAN & BETTY ANN MONGA, leading their band & PLAYING at the CLEOPATRAS NIGHT CLUB / TAINUI TAVERN in MORRIN RD PANMURE, were were only in our┬ámid 20s then & the more we got to see this band, play at this night club, I somewhat had a feeling, that they were going to be a hit, on the NZ MUSIC SCENE & possibly the world, in which they are today, playing & singing funk type of songs, which have captivated & are still favorites in all kiwi minds, even today 30yrs or so later, with songs..such as WATCHING YOU, GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER..remakes of MOONLIGHTING & SILLY LOVE SONGS..etc, which as I mentioned are very much apart of our lives, in knowing these songs, that they produced, even the remakes…
And well, here, is my wife & I today, in the month of April 2013 in our mid 50s, still, loving their music & I will add to say, we will never get tired of listening to their songs, in years to come.

The most influencing thing, that I will say, is, that only in the last 2yrs, I have found out, that RYAN MONGA, is a cousin of mine, through my late dads bloodline & I had a chance to meet him, prior & at our family reunion in OTARA of sth Auckland, back in November 2011.

Thou, I know, that RYAN & I don’t really know each other all that well, in only just finding out, that we are cousins, I am just STOKED & PROUD, that he is my cousin.

Kia Manuia…& Thank you for reading my true life influenced STORY.

Yours Truly
Sullivan Brell