Ardijah/Herbs, Waitangi Day, Karara Stadium, Gold Coast, Australia

The difference between Waitangi Day in Australia and Waitangi Day in Aotearoa was, most of the Kiwi’s that turned up to the gig in Aussie were homesick. The stadium was packed with Kiwi’s and their Aussie mates getting a music history lesson from early Kiwi music revolutionaries. It was all about the music and about celebrating being a part of the Maori phenomenon. There were ‘Koru’ & ‘Moko'(Tatoos) as far as the eye could see. Once again, “hot gig both musically and weather wise”. Although the Aussie heat is a lot different to the Aotearoa Heat, the response was about even. Kia ora whanau (Live well Family!)

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