Book of Demi Gods III online casino slot

Book of Demi Gods III Slot

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RTP 96.2%
Betways 50
Variance Media reports
Layout 5-4
Max. profit 100000
Minus. bet $0,5
Max. Bet $500

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Last updated Sept. 24, 2021
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Mobile Okay
Edition 02.10.2019
Type Video Slots
Theme Nordic Myths
Technology Flash, HTML5
Characterize Buy Feature, Win Multiplier, Winning Symbols Re-Spin, Stacked Wild Re-Spin, GuaZodiaceed Wins, Extra Wild, 9 Free Spins Mode, Prize Box, Sticky Wild, Shifting Reel, Expanding Wild, Synced Reels


Book of Demi Gods III Slot
Book of Demi Gods III Slot
Book of Demi Gods III Slot
Book of Demi Gods III Slot
Book of Demi Gods III Slot
Book of Demi Gods III Slot

Demi Gods III is an online slot developed by Spinomenal. It has four rows of five reels, 50 paylines and an RTP of 96.2%. The Free Spins Journey allows you to travel with nine different free spins, including Respins, Sticky Wilds and Expanding Symbols, all depicted with a theme from Norse mythology.


Book of Demi Gods II This latest installment of Spinomenal's series of mythology-themed slot machines takes us back to Scandinavia and the Vikings. The 4×5 layout and 50 paylines feature five of Norse mythology's most iconic figures and five traditional card symbols. There is also a Wild, represented by a metal ring with Red Center, which acts as a substitute. Also there is a Scatter, represented by a silver ring with triangular runes. This will allow you to embark on your Free Spins Journey, a series of nine different free spins rounds with some incredibly exciting features. If you have played free Spinomenal slots before, you know that they are all of high quality, and Demi Gods III stands out above all from the rest with its striking graphics, well-realized theme and complex bonuses.

Theme, graphics and soundtrack

Norse mythology has had a lasting influence on Western culture, with iconic gods such as Odin, Loki and Thor appearing in numerous books and films. Here they make a dramatic appearance (accompanied by equally dramatic music) on the reels thanks to the latest in a series of Spinomenal slots. The gods are surrounded by fire and metal and Atmospheric mists that draw you straight to this ancient world, with animations for winning spins that add even more engagement.

Not only are the reels dominated by the Norse gods, the bonus features are structured like a journey through the Nine Worlds of Viking mythology. These extend from the branches of the World Tree:

  • Niflheim-Kingdom of ice
  • Muspelheim-Kingdom of fire
  • Helheim-Kingdom of the dead
  • Nidavellir-realm of darkness (home of the dwarfs)
  • Alfheim-realm of the light elves
  • Vanaheim-realm of the Vanir (gods of health, fertility, wisdom and seeing the future)
  • Jotunheim-realm of the jötunn (giants/trolls)
  • Midgard-realm of men
  • Asgard-realm of the Aesir (primary gods)

There are plenty of mythological slots, from the Vikings to ancient Greece (like The Rise of Olympus slot), but Demi Gods has a level of depth and complexity that not all slots can handle, and it does it in an incredibly atmospheric way.

Demi Gods III RTP and volatility

If you average the results over a long period of play, the return for this slot comes out to 96.2%, which is at the top of what you're looking for in an RTP. There is no official information about volatility, so the only way to find out how the size of the winnings relates to the frequency is to play.

How to play Demi Gods III

You don't have to pull your axe and go to battle to be part of this slot. Instead, you just need to follow a few simple steps using the buttons that are all conveniently arranged under the reels:

  1. The small question mark opens up the paytable and Game rules to make sure you know what you're doing.
  2. There is a plus and minus sign for the bet regulator.
  3. An unusual option is the “Buy function” button next to play. It allows you to buy free spins without having to hit any activating symbols, for a prize.
  4. You can press the Large play button to start spinning manually, or you can go to the autoplay button on the right. This will cause the reels to spin until you press stop.
  5. Set a budget with profit and loss limits, and have fun!

Betting and profit opportunities

Your bet per line starts at a minimum of 0.01 (0.5 total). The maximum is 10 per line (500 in total), giving you a decent range. As always, the payouts depend on how much of which symbol you match, with maximum rewards as follows:

  • 10 – 30
  • J-40
  • Q-50
  • K-60
  • A-70
  • Freyja, Loki – 200
  • Model no.: Thor-220
  • Model no.: Surtr-250
  • Model no.: Odin-300

Demi Gods III bonus features and free spins

Buy now

If you don't want to wait to activate free spins with the Scatter, you can buy them for a fee. Conquestadork the button next to play and you will be given the opportunity to set your bet and hear how much it will cost. You get 12 free spins.

Free spins journey

This starts like many free spins features in countless other slots start – you just collect three or more Scatters, which will get you 12 free spins. However, instead of the standard spinning of the reels, you embark on a journey across a map depicting all nine of the mythological realms. Every time you activate free spins, you will be taken to the next location, complete with new background images. Each world has different features to accompany your free spins:

  • Niflheim-Respin winning symbols
  • Muspelheim-Stacked Wild Respin
  • Guazodiaceed Win Respin
  • Nidavellir-Extra Wild feature
  • Alfheim-Sticky Wild feature
  • Vanaheim roll shifting feature
  • Expand Jotunheim-Wild function
  • Midgard feature for synchronized roles
  • Asgard features of the prize box

Our verdict

This is an atmospheric, dramatic slot in appearance and sound, with an exciting and innovative selection of Free spins. Demi Gods III uses the theme in an imaginative way to create a truly unique playing experience. If you've enjoyed previous games in the Demi Gods series, if you're interested in Norse mythology, or if you just like it when a slot does something different, then you should definitely give this one a try. The attention to detail is really captivating.

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