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Sullivan Antonia Brell

Kia Orana,

What has influenced me about ARDIJAH, well, in the early mid 80s, was when, my wife & I first saw RYAN & BETTY ANN MONGA, leading their band & PLAYING at the CLEOPATRAS NIGHT CLUB / TAINUI TAVERN in MORRIN RD PANMURE, were were only in our mid 20s then & the more we got to see this band, play at this night club, I somewhat had a feeling, that they were going to be a hit, on the NZ MUSIC SCENE & possibly the world, in which they are today, playing & singing funk type of songs, which have captivated & are still favorites in all kiwi minds, even today 30yrs or so later, with songs..such as WATCHING YOU, GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER..remakes of MOONLIGHTING & SILLY LOVE SONGS..etc, which as I mentioned are very much apart of our lives, in knowing these songs, that they produced, even the remakes…
And well, here, is my wife & I today, in the month of April 2013 in our mid 50s, still, loving their music & I will add to say, we will never get tired of listening to their songs, in years to come.

The most influencing thing, that I will say, is, that only in the last 2yrs, I have found out, that RYAN MONGA, is a cousin of mine, through my late dads bloodline & I had a chance to meet him, prior & at our family reunion in OTARA of sth Auckland, back in November 2011.

Thou, I know, that RYAN & I don’t really know each other all that well, in only just finding out, that we are cousins, I am just STOKED & PROUD, that he is my cousin.

Kia Manuia…& Thank you for reading my true life influenced STORY.

Yours Truly
Sullivan Brell

Doreen Poupouare

First heard you guys at Cordova Nightclub in Mangere (and have the pic to prove it)- I think it was a talent quest or u had just been made resident band. I was working at that bar (1980?)(Now A-way). I then started work at Cleopatras Nghtclub, and not long after that you guys became the resident band there, taking over from Martin Cook and Sidewalk….I was in the kitchen then, and used to feed you all….lol….so still good to be able to follow you to this day, and now my daughter loves your music as much as I do/did….ps and I remember when Betty Anne was hapu with Little Ryan…….wow…so many memories…could almost write a book:) Love ya guys

Rick Robertson

Ardijah taught me how to Fonk.

Lydie Williams

i love your music an songs because it takes me back to my home town island TAHITI and betty you have such beautiful voice and all ardijah band awsome

Cee Cee Whitiora

thanks for allowing us all to be apart of your journey.. Lady Hamilton here in Htown was when I was inspirited with the unique sound that enriched me with grace and movement.. kia ora and kia manuia

Tracylee Metuariki

Churr awesome just like da music Ardijah has to share with the world, well i too like Harry Howe remember the days of Cleo’s in Panmure, as a under aged groupie, i would borrow my mum’s red high heel shoe’s her red lip stick, my big sister’s black dress , meet my best friend we would paint our faces so we look old enough to get into da club, pay my big cuzzie to drop us off n pick us up @ closing, all for the love of Ardijah’s music, also i remember telling mum n dad i needed a school cd but really i needed a Ardijah cd.. Ryan C F Monga &Betty-Anne Monga yo guys are da best… wishing yo da best in yo music n yo life.. God bless

Matt Mautairi

Still my fav band saw u guys for the first time at club 21 queen street u wernt even a house hold name nek minit loved u then just love yor music

Harry Howe

Kia ora bro. Man do I remember the days! Cleo’s in Panmure especially. We were Westies and we used to come all the way from Kelston and the GE to watch you. Great days!

Rosa Rongotaua

Kia Orana Ryan, totally inspired by Ardijah’s music, I grew up listening to Ardijah, even saw you perform here at the Foxton Beach back in the 80’s, totally awesome nite had by all, My children and grandchildren now listen to your music, it will run in our blood for years to come, Well done Ardijah, you guys ROCK, BOOM.

Rosa Rongotaua

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